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It seems that PHP 6 will not be anywhere.

The poll

Past July (2014) a poll was created by PHP community to decide whether the name of next version should be named 6 or 7. The results were that the name of the future version should be PHP 7. Several experts voted for their preferred version expressing their ideas about the topic.


I wanted to summarize the reasons to skip version 6, because I was thinking that people were going crazy, and it seems that that’s not the reason:

Are you waiting for another reason? Ok, there is no more reasons, some people saying that 6th version never exist and other that think PHP was already made and new PHP should be 7 version.

Maybe it would more interesting if we argued about the features or capabilites of the new version, or about what do we expect about it. My opinion, we should call it PHP 67, and all problems would be solved.

Interesting deliberation of a PHP developer

Here you can see another argument summary about the same topic.

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