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In this article I will talk about Easy Admin Bundle, a new Symfony Admin Generator that is trully easy to configure and install.

Symfony Admin Generator

Until Symfony 1.4 we had an admin generator that automatically created our CRUD forms for our DB entities. Since 2.0 the admin generator is no longer included in the Standard Package so we have to install a Bundle that will do the work for us. Until now, I always used Sonata Admin Bundle to generate my admin panels, but it was a bit hard to configure and customize it, so I started looking for an alternative.

In my search I found a project made by Javier Eguiluz (one of the Symfony Guru’s here in Spain) called Easy Admin Bundle and I gave it a try because the documentation looked so good. I am really surprised with Javier’s bundle, because it’s really simple and easy to configure and also really powerful so you can customize whatever you want in the Bundle. the documentation is very good and it is compatible with Symfony 3 also.

I had an existing database with 12 tables (entities) so I made a reverse engineering to generate the entities, I installed the bundle and I had to configure the views and forms because I had several file uploads and another customizations I wanted to do. The result: In 6 hours I had a completely functional admin panel and also very nice looking!

Here you can see a screenshot of the Admin Panel:

easy admin bundle

The bundle is also very well designed, following all standards and with a very well structured source code, what can be telling us that this bundle is here for a long time and that we can expect that future versions will be better than previous ones.

I strongly recommend you to test it and, of course, collaborate on the project.

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  • Thank you very much for publishing this nice article about EasyAdmin! We put a lot of effort on documentation, design and Symfony 3 compatibility, so I’m glad you liked those features.

    I wish you are right and this bundle can be around for a long time 🙂

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