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‘Let’ statement in Javascript 7

In Javascript, var scopes are rather different than in other programming languages. A variable created with the “var” prefix, if its been created inside a function, it will only exists in that function. For example: [javascript] var result = 0; var sum = function(a, b) { var result = 0; result = a+b; return result;…

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Symfony2: annotations VS yaml

When we have to map a doctrine entity, we have to establish a new route or we have to establish a new lifecycle callback in our Symfony2 project, we have to made a choose, what technique will we use? We have two options (XML and YAML are considered the same technique with different markup languages): annotations….

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MongoDB non-relational DB basics

A brief introduction to MongoDB MongoDB is a non-relational database manager which stores records as JSON objects. MongoDB is also known as Document Oriented DB. All official documents can be found in MongoDB official page. This feature gives the following advantages: The Documents (objects or DB records), as they are JSON objects, correspond to data types in,…

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It seems that PHP 6 will not be anywhere. The poll Past July (2014) a poll was created by PHP community to decide whether the name of next version should be named 6 or 7. The results were that the name of the future version should be PHP 7. Several experts voted for their preferred version expressing their…

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