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What’s new in PHP 7.3

Yes, this is typical post about new features on a new version of PHP that 15% of PHP developers have in their personal blogs. To make it personal and unique, I will try to include multiple examples of the new features, so you can see how they can be applied in the real life. 1….

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Symfony Admin Generator

Introduction In this article I will talk about Easy Admin Bundle, a new Symfony Admin Generator that is trully easy to configure and install. Symfony Admin Generator Until Symfony 1.4 we had an admin generator that automatically created our CRUD forms for our DB entities. Since 2.0 the admin generator is no longer included in the…

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PHP 7: New Features

PHP 7 was released on December 3rd, 2015 and has a lot of new features. I am going to explain the most important ones and, at the end of the article, you can find a list of links with the complete and official updated features. PHP 7 New Features New Operators PHP 7 comes with…

Laravel 5.2
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Novedades de Laravel 5.2

Laravel 5.2 ya está aquí y trae muchas novedades. Aquí os pongo un resumen de las novedades más destacadas que sin duda nos ayudarán a mejorar este excelente framework: Novedades de Laravel 5.2 Agrupar los Middleware Para el que aún no sepa lo que es un Middleware, es un filtro para la petición, de tal…

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Managing cron jobs with Laravel 5

TASK JOBS WITH CRONTAB If we want to schedule tasks (on a UNIX based system) that will be executing every so often, we need to edit the crontab. Crontab is a file that contains a list of scripts that we want to be run periodically. For example, if we want to run a users_cleanup script that deletes…

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What is a “full stack developer”?

  A brief history of web development role In the early days of web development there was the “Web Developers”. They were responsible of creating the backend applications and the frontend views with HTML and a bit of javascript code, in order to validate forms and simple user interactions. Some years ago, the interest in…

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